Top 6 Pre-Workout Foods.

Top 6 Pre-Workout Foods.

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♦ Top 6 Pre-Workout Foods.

Top 6 Pre-Workout Foods.

The Benefits Of Eating Pre-Workout Foods
When to Eat Pre-Workout Foods

The Benefits Of Eating Pre-Workout Foods
There is nothing terrible than being too broken to end a workout.

Eating before getting to the gym can assist you to guide for extended and at a nicer intensity — who would not want that?
Failing to give your body the right nutrition before a workout may lead to a delay in muscle recovery & possible injury — you don’t want this.

1Consuming a pre-workout snack can assist with physical performance2, prevent fatigue3, & lessen muscle breakdown, so, where is a good place to start?4

♦ When To Eat Pre-Workout Foods 

Choosing when to fuel will depend greatly on the sort of activity you’re engaging in and therefore the system your body is using for energy.

The three main systems your body uses are phosphagen, anaerobic, and aerobic.

If you are engaging in a short activity
(~20-30 minutes of walking) the probabilities are you don’t get to fuel for this beforehand because our bodies will have endless stores of fat to fuel for this activity.

Still, if you are engaging in high-intensity sessions including intermittent team sports & weightlifting, your body will profit from fuelling beforehand as it will primarily use glycogen/glucose stores.

Most of the studies available recommend a window of roughly 2-3 hours before you exercise because the ideal time to consume a pre-workout snack/meal.

8 If you’re eating 1 hour before your workout, it’s going to be best to settle on foods that are easier to digest to avoid stomach discomfort.

For example, try and stick to carbohydrates and protein only.

Pre-Workout Foods

1.Porridge And Oatmeal

Oats are a wholegrain carbohydrate with a coffee glycaemic index, meaning they’re more slowly digested, helping to release energy more slowly and causes you to feel fuller too.

Add a portion of fruit for a further boost in energy and flavor.

You can also consider adding 1 scoop of protein powder for flavor and extra protein to help promote muscle growth and repair too.

pre-workout foods

2. Cooked Egg On A Slice of Granary Seeded Toast

Top 6 Pre-Workout Foods.

Cooked eggs are a great lean source of protein & their yolk contains tons of nutrition.

Integrate this with a piece of bread for an honest carbohydrate addition to spice up energy.

pre-workout foods

3. Greek Yoghurt With A Portion Of Fruit

Top 6 Pre-Workout Foods.

Greek yogurt may be a great source of protein and adding some fruit may be a good source of carbs for energy too.

You could also try a minor handful of dried fruit with your yogurt to deliver a quicker spike in your blood sugars & energy.

Warmed fruit is higher in sugar than fresh fruit & should be used cautiously, especially if you are seeing your blood sugars for health reasons.

If this is often the case, you’ll add some of the fresh fruit instead.

pre-workout foods

4. Banana or Grapes

Top 6 Pre-Workout Foods.

Both these fruits tend to extend your blood sugars slightly quite other fruit options.

Eating either before your workout is that the perfect thanks to boosting your glycogen stores and increase your blood glucose levels.

pre-workout foods

5. Chicken, Rice & Vegetables

Top 6 Pre-Workout Foods.

A classic workout meal used by bodybuilders everywhere.

The underlying achievement behind this meal is that the variety of lean protein, a top-quality carbohydrate, & non-starchy vegetables.

As clarified above, all three foods having unique properties that will assist provide your body with fuel during your workout & help with recovery afterward.

pre-workout foods

6. Smoothies With Fruit, Vegetables, And Yoghurt

Top 6 Pre-Workout Foods.

Many of you may think that smoothies are healthy, but they’re often rich in calories and sugar as most of the fiber is removed during the blending process.

However, a smoothie is often a wonderful pre-workout option that will provide you with an ethical source of fast-acting glucose.

Just be mindful of how much fruit you add, try having 1 portion with some vegetables and yogurt to get in some protein as well.


Take home message

There are also various other ideas of foods that you can have as a pre-workout & the list can be endless.

These are just a few suggestions and the idea is that you focus mainly on carbohydrates and protein so that you can take your workout to the next level.

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